Destroy Toe Nail Fungus (Onychomycosis) with Laser

Finally you can get rid of your discolored, cracked fungal toenails or onychomycosis with the latest laser advances. Lasers are used each day for cosmetic procedures treating people with safe light energy. There is no x-ray type radiation involved.

Are you tired of your unsightly nails? Do you want to avoid strong medications that can cause liver damage? Are you tired of liquids and creams that are time consuming to apply with minimal results?

The laser energy is absorbed by water in tissue with no collateral damage to surrounding tissue or vessels, safe for all skin types. The laser uses a cold spray to maximise patient comfort and also aids in the destruction of nail fungus by shock cooling. It incorporates infra red thermal scanning so we constantly are updated with the temperature of the nail.  The laser is quite safe patients will experience a slight warming of the nail. After the treatment the patient is able to resume normal activities immediately.

We will taylor a treatment regime according to the type and degree of fungal infection.
Nail Fungus treatment

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