Nail Fungus Treatment with PACT

Nail Fungus can now be treated with PACT Nail Fungus Treatment this is a photodynamic light therapy, it involves applying a sensitizing agent to the nail this agent stains the fungal elements and sensitizes them to the light that is used by PACT. a light is then shone on the nail for approximately 10 minutes. This when repeated several times on the nail will destroy the nail fungus. There is NO heat generated by this system unlike hot lasers often used to treat nail fungus, however the main draw back is the time for this treatment  it takes just over one and a half hours to treat 10 nails and this needs to be done several times a week. This makes this therapy very time consuming for the patient. We feel that is certainly has a place in the treatment of nail fungus especially if only one nail is involved, however it is not worth treating 10 nails as the time to accomplish the treatment is just too great.



PACT Nail Fungus Treatment

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